Monday, January 14, 2008

Bull Dog

I love this guy. He's so ugly, he's cute! I wish you could see internally how much work goes into these builds in Flash. There are literally hundreds, sometimes a thousand pieces that we design and technically setup per character. Each design has to be setup properly so that the animator can use them. The mouths and expressions are priceless. Maybe One day I will export them onto another page and do an expression page. Traditionally that would be done on paper with pencil, but we don't usually make an expression or mouth chart because it is built into the flash file; unless requested by the client.

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Crystal said...

YAY! Great to see some new NEWS from my buddy RED! I can't believe it's been over a year already since I left PIP...and even crazier is....tomorrow...Avie will turn 1 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!! Can you believe that??? NUTS!

I have a new blog too...not too sure if Max told you. It's Check it out! Ooooooooh, also....we finally updated Avie's blog today.'s been forever!

Wish I could make it to your party...sadly, funds won't allow it. Wanna fly me over?? :P Have a great one!!!

Your bestest gossip pal,