Monday, January 28, 2008

Carl Squared Nominated For 6 Awards

Great news!!
It has just be announced that Carl Squared has been nominated for 6 (count em' SIX) Elans!!! (what is an ELAN you might ask?  An ELAN is the Canadian award for the Electronic and the Animated Arts - the animation and game industry's answers to the Oscars).  Carl Squared is the most nominated program in the entire television series categories.
Carl and his crew have been nominated in the following categories:
Best Animated Production (Portfolio Entertainment)
Best Direction in Animation (Steve Neilson & Mike Csunyoscka for "SuperStar")
Best Male Voice Over (Stuart Stone for Carl Crashman and C2 for "SuperStar")
Best Female Voice Over (Emily Hampshire for Chloe Crashman for "Carl SuperSized")
Best Original Musical Score (Pure West - Paul Koffman and Tim Foy for "SuperStar")
Best Writing (Pete Sauder & Dale Schott for "Doomsday")
The ceremony will take place in Vancouver on February 15th where Julie Stall will represent the Carl crew.  I hope she has enough luggage space to bring home all those awards!!!

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