Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Christmas Digital Stamp!

Today I finally finished one of two more Christmas Digital Stamps. It was tight with my busy work schedule, but I finally pulled it off...err well um, at least one of them. :S
Today Jim and Kolby left me alone to work on my Digital Stamp, what a nice hubby! I'm feeling a little under the weather today anyway so its best the day is quiet and somewhat productive. Jim is buying a new sled for Kolby. I had a hard time dragging Kolby's stroller through the snow this past week to our care provider, so this is a must have item right now...except the snow melted away! Figures. At least I am ready when it snows again this time. One day we will buy a second day...


Alina said...

lovely, Sheryl!
hugs, Alina

Kimberly said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha,,,you got snow...we are clean and free of the white stuff.....FOR NOW!!!! Fabulous image and can't wait to color her...tfs