Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Blog - Official Announcement!

Hey gang! It's been a long time coming...but I have decided to create a new blog strictly for Redonkulous Designs and my products. It was a big decision that I pondered over for months, since I opened my Etsy shop actually. So, I have come to the conclusion this really is the best thing for me. I would like to keep it separate from my traditional art I use in my portfolio...but you can always sneak back and stalk me if you want to see what I am up to in the art world. I will leave this post up for a while, until my followers and visitors get use to the idea, and I will hold off on posting my rendered pieces of art.  So come for a visit to my new blog, become a follower, and lets be friends! You can find my new blog here!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goth Digital Stamp,

I had the most wonderful long weekend (family day) here in Ontario Canada.  Spent a lot of time with hubby Jim, and my son Kolby.  Sadly, I had to work to finish a deadline project that was due Tuesday morning - but in return, my company was nice enough to give me the rest of the day off!  So of course what a better time to go to the doctor and listen to my little baby's heart beat and get some blood work done!!! There is definitely a little bean in there (who is the size of an avocado right now)!!!  Starting to feel a LITTLE better!  Things are looking up. :)  This weekend I am trying to finish up a mother and son Digital Stamp.

Here is my latest Digi Stamp - "Goth Birthday". She's pretty chill - as the teens say these days! :)

Also available without the decorations!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Digital Stamp - Seduction Suzie

I finally finished up my latest digi stamp. I can't wait to see her coloured up! It must be that Valentine's Day air that made me want to draw this girly.  Also perfect for Birthdays, Christmas, or Anniversaries!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 Dollar Digital Stamps!!!

I just started a new section in my shop for some cheap digital stamps. I figured since I have been feeling so sick from this growing baby in my belly, I may as well do some images that were a bit more simplistic and affordable. They are still a high quality digi that takes time, but no where near as long as my girlies or other characters. I'm also working on another girly Digital Stamp which has been my "on and off" weekly project. Baby steps for this momma this stay tuned! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gift of L♥ve Digital Stamp

Just in time for Valentines Day!  I have been having an urge to create another Digi Stamp since it has been sooooo long since my last one.  Morning sickness won't get the best of me yet - although this Digital Stamp took much longer than it should have, as I had to take some breaks here and there.  Not to mention my overload of work at my job has kept me from my fun.  :(  On the plus side, my employer is giving me my Birthday off, which is this Tuesday - YAY!  More time with my son and hubby...and a trip to the doctors too.  We will be getting our first ultrasound, and we are so excited!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yes, it's True! We Are Expecting Agian!

Hang tight my friends, new stamps will be coming soon! :)

If you noticed a drop in production, it's because we are expecting another little baby early August.  YAY! Right now this baby is sucking the life outta me, not to mention chasing a 2 year old around has been quite a challenge - LOL!  Things should pick up within the next 3 to 4 weeks I hope, that is, if I'm not praying to the porcelain gods (to put it mildly - hehehe!).  They say once you are into the second trimester, the nausea and cookie tossing goes away for MOST pregnant women, and the extreme tiredness should subside.  I can't wait to feel like myself again and that's an understatement.  When I was pregnant with Kolby I didn't feel this sick.  It was very nieve of me to think this baby would be a cake walk too.  Here's hoping for a healthy beautiful baby again!  We are so excited!!!