Saturday, February 25, 2012

Goth Digital Stamp,

I had the most wonderful long weekend (family day) here in Ontario Canada.  Spent a lot of time with hubby Jim, and my son Kolby.  Sadly, I had to work to finish a deadline project that was due Tuesday morning - but in return, my company was nice enough to give me the rest of the day off!  So of course what a better time to go to the doctor and listen to my little baby's heart beat and get some blood work done!!! There is definitely a little bean in there (who is the size of an avocado right now)!!!  Starting to feel a LITTLE better!  Things are looking up. :)  This weekend I am trying to finish up a mother and son Digital Stamp.

Here is my latest Digi Stamp - "Goth Birthday". She's pretty chill - as the teens say these days! :)

Also available without the decorations!

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