Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Cyber Chase Designs

Here is a small sample of some of the Cyber Chase characters that I did over the past year or two. I have finally found some time to share it with you during my time off. It kills me that the next season of Cyber Chase concepts is starting in June and I will be on maternity leave. I love drawing all of the different creatures and characters for this show. Soooo, I guess this is my little tribute to the show and to WNET for such a great series for children. Gonna miss it big time!!! In the mean time, I will have to let my son watch all of the Cyber Chase shows so that he becomes really smart. I will also have to doodle my own fun stuff to keep myself busy, so stay tuned!

Janice Huff-Guest Starred in an episode of Cyber Chase; she is WNBC's meteorologist for "Today in New York," and "News Channel 4"

Matthew Broderick guest starred as Creech's Dad "Max" in this episode of Cyber Chase

The perfectamundians: Here I had to create a whole new race for Cyber Chase. They had to be characters that could climb up I thought, "How could this be possible?" Then I got a great idea to give them suction cup feet and hands with suction fingers. Turned out nice I think!

The stuff you don't see within these builds are the mouth charts. Every character that is created have mouth charts, eyeblinks, and eyebrow expressions for each view that is created. Here is a sample of the mouth charts I did for this character.

There are tons more of these Perfectamundo characters, but I would be here all day if I were to post them all! :O) Here is one more.

Flora...believe it or not, this was a very complicated character. Her limbs had to be animatable, and mouths of course were a bit of a challange but not too bad.


Deedle Beast! What is a Deedle Beast you ask? I didn't know either until I designed one! He is an adorable furry beast-like creature that is a pet in the Cyber Chase world. I had a lot of fun designing this little guy along with all of his cute costumes!

...Well that is all I have for you today! If I find anymore I will post them in the future!


J.Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing! Wish these outfits could've made it to the episode.

Kimberly said...

your chihuahua and turtle are super cute...tfs

Seth said...

I'm curious, but can you give me a list of the purple characters?